What You Get

The award-winning Todo Math mobile app with 30+ multi-level games and 60+ standards-aligned missions

The web-based Teacher Dashboard for class lists, student progress, and educator resources.

Why Do Kids Love Todo Math?

See what makes our app so delightful!

What Teachers Say About Todo Math

"This is the only app that keeps students at different ages engaged the entire time they are playing, but this app allows them to progress at their own speed. I can't tell you how many times I've heard, 'Look! I just got more stars! Look! I'm almost at the treasure box!'"

"I really enjoyed using Todo Math in my Special Education class and it is the ONLY app I let them use!"

"This is one of the best programs a teacher can use for young children in the classroom. They are having fun and enjoying while learning."

"My class looks forward to using Todo Math! Thank you!"

Learn What Todo Math Has to Offer

An engaging and educational math center activity with digital manipulatives and child-friendly visuals

Common Core-Aligned

Todo Math's curriculum was designed by leading educators and is fully aligned to Common Core State Standards.


Finalist for the 2016 CODiE Awards for Best Early Childhood Learning Solution and Best Educational App for Mobile Device, and winner of many other awards and accolades.

Online Dashboard

Teacher Dashboard lets educators create and edit class lists, monitor student progress and print reports

Teacher Support

If you're the DIY type, we have a full FAQ. Otherwise, we offer full customer support through email or phone. Contact us any time with questions or concerns!

Best Practices

Todo Math creates an effective and engaging learning environment through use of digital manipulatives, a proven medium for building number sense in young children.

Inclusive and Accessible

Todo Math empowers ALL children to practice math independently with options for dyslexia, fine-motor difficulties, support for 8 languages and more.